Broken Torsion Spring’s

Broken Torsion Spring’s

What is Torsion Spring? 

A Garage Door Torsion springs are coils made of large gauge steel wire that use torque or rotating force to counterbalance garage door’s weight. Garage doors can typically weigh between 200 to 500 pounds, depending on door type and size. The Torsion Springs are usually located above the Garage Door.

How do Torsion Spring’s Break?

The First and most common way a Torsion Spring Break’s is simply from normal Wear & Tear. Coming in Second is Rust, Rust can cause the Torsion Spring’s to become brittle and break. Another way Torsion Spring’s break is from improper maintenance or Installation.

Our Solution For You!

We offer same day repair for most Broken Torsion Spring’s. When Replacing the Torsion Spring’s we recommend replacing both as a pair, This will save you time and Money. Call us today so we can quote your Broken Spring’s and get it repaired today!


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