Broken Cables

Broken Cables

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What do Garage Door Cables Do?

  • Garage door cables have an integral role in the proper operation of the garage door. These cables are attached to brackets at the bottom of each side of the door and work in unison with the garage door springs to lift and lower the weight of the door as needed.

How to tell if a Cable is Broken –

  • When the cable is broken, the door will lean toward or jam on the broken cable side and either not function properly or not function at all. This can result in a most inconvenient situation if a vehicle is ‘trapped’ inside the garage.

Reason’s and Condition’s a Cable can break –

  • Age or normal wear-and-tear 
  • Lack of regular maintenance 
  • Bent tracking 
  • Items jamming door tracks 
  • Door strikes an object while closing 
  • Incorrect springs or drums installed for the weight or height of the door
  • Incorrect cables installed for the weight of the door
  • Spring tension not adjusted properly 
  • A broken garage door cable can occur when a garage door spring snaps

Our Solution For You!

At Adequate Garage Door’s we want to help you when you need it most. We Offer Same Day Repair’s and Next Day Installation’s. ADG carries the some of the highest quality Garage Cable’s, Torsion Spring’s and Much More! Give Us a Call Today For Your Free Quote!



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